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2020 taught the logistics industry the importance of flexibility. With COVID and its subsequent lockdowns creating a fast-changing market, consumer buying habits fluctuated more rapidly than ever before. Linkline is giving companies the ability to be flexible with their stock holding so that they can adapt to those conditions.

These new flexible warehouse services mean that Linkline will be able to scale alongside the needs of each business with multiple warehousing locations available across the country.

This gives smaller businesses the opportunity to grow rapidly, without needing to concern themselves with high overheads, securing space or staffing issues. Larger organisations benefit from endless potential in tier growth, with UK-based warehouse services that work with them as equal partners.

Adapt to consumer habits with flexible warehouse services

“COVID-19 changed consumer buying habits, with all demographics favouring online purchases. This triggered a demand for UK warehousing space like never before,” says Managing Director James Bowes.

“Such dramatic growth can cause headaches for product-based businesses but we take that stress off clients’ hands, offering complete and flexible warehousing solutions. Clients have more time to focus on their core business whilst we take care of the space, logistics and staffing,” he adds.

Complete client oversight is a big priority. Consumer expectations are high, with quick delivery, stock availability and fast service essential across all businesses. Linkline has partnered with Microlistics to offer its Tier 1 Gartner rated warehouse management system (WMS) to clients. This gives clients the ability to check-in with their stock from anywhere, at any time.

On the same team, working as partners

This focus on collaboration is important. Linkline’s mission is to link businesses with their communities, across the UK. This means innovating and creating new warehouse services and logistics solutions that are ahead of the curve so that clients can continue to stay one step ahead of their competition.

“Our aim is for our clients to become our partners. We work to nurture client relationships so that we can solve any logistics challenge that might come your way, now or in the future,” explains James.

Linkline’s third-party warehouse services take the stressors of stock management’s day-to-day operations away from their clients. They are able to link in with the client’s customer systems, providing a bespoke logistics solution and giving the client more time and energy to focus on where they can have the most impact - their core business.

Get ready for future growth

There is currently 250,000 square feet of warehouse space, making Linkline Northamptonshire’s fastest-growing privately owned logistics company in 2020. Linkline is due to open another 150,000 square feet of warehouse space in Northampton in the next 13 months, with sites in Felixstowe and Yorkshire also in the pipeline. The company is currently working towards ISO, BRC and AEO accreditations as they pursue perfection across all their warehouse services.

“We plan to continue to expand our warehouse services across the UK, offering complete 3PL (third-party logistics) solutions whilst growing alongside our clients,” adds James.

Give your team more time to focus on business growth

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