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Linkline Transport goes global. With international air, sea and road freight services launching for businesses around the world

Belgium. Holland. Germany. France. China. Wherever your products are made, now there’s a simpler way to get them to where they need to be. With international air, sea and road freight services from Linkline Transport, worldwide logistics have never been easier.

Linkline is the logistics company that puts people and communities first. And that mission of linking businesses with their communities has never been more important than it is today.

This new chapter will enable you to connect with your customers, from any location in the world. Whilst doing it at a price that’s right for you.The most transparent approach to air and sea freight tracking

The most transparent approach to air and sea freight tracking

What if you could track your goods, at any time from anywhere in the world? No matter whether they’re in the air on route to your warehouse, getting ready to leave the warehouse doors or on their way to a customer’s home?

That’s exactly what this new service will do for you. So you can enjoy full transparency at every stage of the supply chain.

Your supply chain data, on-demand

“We’re all so used to be able to access information on demand. It’s what enables us to control all the moving parts of our businesses, so you can live up to the reputation you worked so hard to build.

That’s why transparency and visibility were such big priorities in this new global extension of Linkline’s services. We’ve partnered with Multi-Freight, using their state of the art freight software to handle the heavy lifting of international logistics.

With an experienced Linkline team at its helm, we’re able to enter a whole new level of international freight.”

An easier approach to customs clearance

Post-Brexit, just the word “customs” can feel like enough to bring on a stress headache. But it doesn’t have to be.

This is an easier approach to customs clearance, with all customs processes monitored and the correct customs paperwork tracked and ready to go. 

The new international freight system provides seamless and fluid capture and processing of customs entries. No matter whether you’re importing or exporting, everything is covered. 

It means all of the logistical and customs elements of the shipment from Cradle to Grave are taken care of. From just one screen.

Removing the barriers to entry for international freight

The best part? You can keep on dealing directly with the Linkline team you know and trust. Everything is operated from Linkline’s Northamptonshire HQ. So you can enjoy all the benefits of international air and sea freight, whilst feeling right at home.

Get your international freight strategy (without any scary paperwork).

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